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Andrew Hill

I love words. I love the jigsaw of reading them in one language and getting them to work in another.

It's been my privilege to make words work ever since I completed a Master's degree in Translation in 2000.

I started my career translating for a leading global financial news provider, followed by several years as a translator for a specialist Intellectual Property translation firm which also provided interpreting services for local businesses.

Since establishing &Translate in 2012, I've translated marketing and advertising texts, websites, and training courses across many subjects. In 2014, I achieved qualified membership of ITI, and continue to provide the highest standard IP translations as well as offering interpreting services.

I specialise in technical IT, chemical and pharmaceutical translations but am adaptable, flexible and willing to understand and provide what you need from your words.

So if your query relates to a subject i haven't mentioned, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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